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Fhysical Elements is the go-to personal training studio, in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to go to to make your body happy. Fhysical Elements provides private personal training geared toward functional fitness and nutritional education. Join Certified Personal Trainer Brady Worster and other select personal trainers in this private training studio in the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs, CO.

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Get Moving

Get moving! No matter what you do for a job or how busy your schedule is,  you need to remember that without good health, happiness is going to be hard to find.  So get moving.  If you have a desk job, take a break from your computer every hour, go take a brisk walk around [...]

Skipping Meals

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to gain muscle? Are you skipping meals, thinking that the less you eat, the more weight you’ll lose?  Well, I’ve got some news for you! Don't do it! When you do your metabolism slows down and you’re not burning calories the way you should. When you [...]


Do you get your probiotics every day? Do you even know what probiotics are? Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called [...]

I have trained with Brady since 2014 and I wouldn’t be where I am (physically nor mentally) without her. Brady’s approach is genuine and caring – and she is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals.

With her guidance, I have elevated my thinking to a more healthful state and I have gained back many of the abilities I had prior to a major concussion and a challenging health issue. Today, I am 25 pounds lighter than when I started but the true testament to Brady is that I have gained strength – lots and lots of strength. Brady has a great read on people and she customizes her approach to maximize each client’s true ability. And… should your head get in the way of your physical ability to achieve, well, Brady will move you past that in a New York minute! Her exercise routes are great – amply difficult but doable and mentally stimulating. There is very little repetition and each session brings about a great sense of accomplishment. The accountability of working with Brady is real and I can honestly say that I don’t work nearly as hard when I exercise on my own. After many years of unhealthy living, I am on the road to good health and I owe every bit of my success to Brady! I recommend Brady to every person wanting to return to a mentally younger, limber, and physically strong state.

Put simply, Brady Worster rocks!

Cheryl Garrity
I’ve been training three days a week with Brady for over three years now and cannot speak highly enough of her work. I have some substantial physical limitations due to surgery and my work, and Brady has been amazing in her ability and willingness to work around them and come up with alternative solutions.

Brady’s passion for her work is undeniable. She goes above and beyond to continually educate herself in order to better her clients. She will happily pick the brains of anyone who can offer insight into the human body, from other trainers to yoga instructors, physical therapists, nutritionists, massage therapists, and so on.

Even when I scowl and half-heartedly curse at Brady for the latest item on my “to do” list during our sessions, she remains cheerful and upbeat. She is constantly supportive, tough yet compassionate, and just as excited about my gains as I am.

I could not ask for a better team member to help me with my health and personal fitness. I am so glad to have her in my life.

When I turned 25 I didn’t recognize myself. I had gained a good amount of weight post-college and my body was telling me everyday that it was hurting- with heartburn, joint pain, etc. I didn’t feel strong or confident. I knew I wanted to make a change so I started dieting. When I finally felt healthy enough to exercise, I knew I wanted to train with Brady, having heard so many great things about her- namely that she would kick my tail!

We’ve been working together for close to a year and I feel confident, capable, and strong. I have muscles and I like to show them off! I’ve lost weight and a lot of inches, and gained muscle. I have a better understanding of my body, health, and nutrition.

This is all due to Brady’s training and partnership. She makes sure I’m never bored with her arsenal of 30 minute killer workouts, and always has suggestions for my nutrition. When I felt discouraged at first, she reassured me that I had already made a big change in getting started! Her expertise and knowledge, combined with her kick ass attitude and workouts (she’ll kick your butt but you’ll like it), have bolstered my self-confidence and body image. Not only that, but I trust my body- I have started training for a half marathon and I KNOW that I can do it. I can’t wait to see how I can challenge my body and where it will take me- and it’s all because of BRADY!

Erin Farley
I have been being trained by Brady for over a year now. She has helped me lose close to 30 pounds. Her routines are very well designed in targeting specific body parts. Her core training is awesome. You will not find a better trainer who knows what they are doing. Brady really cares about you and makes working out enjoyable.
Jerry Wooldridge
I love Brady! She has always gone above and beyond to make my training work for me and my body.
She can transform your way of life to help you get to the goals you have set! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me.
Do you want to change? You NEED Brady!
Veronica Meckley
I have worked with Brady as my trainer for over 4 years. As a result of my regular workouts, I am toned and have good stamina and flexibility. Brady is consistently reliable and varies my workout according to my needs and requests. I have osteopenia which results in easy injuries and the bone strength work I do with Brady is beneficial. She has rehabbed me through various injuries and adapted my workouts to allow me to continue training.
The gym used to intimidate me and I avoided it for years, but Brady helped to change that. I have been challenged and pushed by Brady, and she has taught me a great deal. She makes working out fun and inspires me to keep coming back to the gym. I am impressed with her knowledge and passion for fitness, and her ability to help others. She is very caring and attentive to what I need, what my limits are, and how far she can push me. She encourages and motivates me to do better and she knows how much I am capable of.

Since training with Brady, I feel more confident in the gym. I’ve gained knowledge of the proper form and technique needed to reduce the risk of injury. Working with Brady has instilled in me the confidence and discipline I need to continue to improve myself through sound nutrition and physical activity. Thanks to Brady, I am now more aware of what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the gym is no longer intimidating.

Kristi Lear
I feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two months ago my husband bought me a gift certificate for Fhysical Elements. What an amazing transformation and journey this has been.
I just wanted to express my appreciation for Brady and Fhysical Elements. This gym and Brady are amazing, there are no words that can express my gratitude. I started there as an overweight mother of two that has always been active, but could never make myself take the time to get back in shape after my children had been born. I use to ride my horse sloppy and team rope ok. The past two months have not only changed my attitude, but it has changed everything about me. I am now down 12 pounds, 6 ½ inches, and 4% body fat, YEAH!!
Let’s talk about the real results, Brady’s workouts have helped improve my physical strength, core, and focus. I am better mom, employee, and definitely a better athlete; therefore I can ride and rope so much better!

Amy Mahon