Fhysical Elements Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist

Fhysical Elements is a private personal training studio in Steamboat Springs, geared toward helping you achieve your goals. Fhysical Elements provides private personal training geared toward functional fitness and nutritional education. Join Certified Personal Trainer Brady Worster in her private training studio located between the ski area and downtown Steamboat Springs, CO.

Private personal training sessions are 1-on-1 sessions that consist of either a half hour or an hour of personal training.  Body weight exercises (calisthenics), weightlifting, cardiovascular, stretching, core work, balance, and agility are a few of the modalities that are used to help clients reach their goals.  These sessions will be geared individually for each client, depending on physical limitations and goals.  Each client will receive a copy of each workout, via email or text message, along with photos of the exercises (if necessary) to help clients remember proper form and be able to practice the workouts on their own between training sessions. Because we don’t use a lot of gym equipment, most of the exercises can be duplicated almost anywhere.    Each training session with the trainer will differ from the time before, as the goal of the trainer is to move you forward, and utilize your time to the fullest! Each session will target a specific set of muscles and proper form of all movement.  Private training is, for some, the most beneficial because all of the focus is on you, and making sure that your form is correct and explanations of corrections can more easily be given.

Cost is determined by the needs of the client and the number of sessions purchased.

Half-hour and hour-long sessions available.

Fitness Assessments are done with each new client before they sign up for training sessions within the studio. This is a 1-hour assessment will cover health history, goals, nutrition, body measurements, and a half hour workout. The half-hour workout will consist of basic exercises to see where the new client is physically and assess the best way to proceed with training the client. This assessment will give the client and trainer a baseline to see how many sessions are needed to help the goals of the client to be attained. Basic exercises usually include squats, pushups, crunches and other light exercises. At the end of the session, the trainer and client will work together to plan the best course of action moving forward to make sure that the goals of the client are in line with the goals of the trainer.

Brady Worster

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Sports Nutritionist

Using body weight, free weights, bands, balls, and other modalities, Brady will get you into the kind of shape you are looking for, all while educating you to ensure you succeed in the future!

Brady, your Certified Personal Trainer, creates personalized programs for weight-loss, post-op physical therapy training (for joint replacement, knee scopes and other joint and ligament repairs), stretching, agility and mobility for older individuals, and much more.

Brady Worster With Fhysical Elements Logo

Online Training

Fhysical Elements offers a 12-Week Starter Training program that is designed to teach you how to make small changes in your life to help you succeed in the here and now, and in the future. This 12-week program will motivate you through the fundamentals of a healthy mindset, Macros nutrition, building new habits, supplement usage, and so much more. With Brady as your personal guide through the program, you will have the motivation and accountability that other programs lack.