About Fhysical Elements Training

Fhysical Elements opened its studio in 2016, with the goal of providing a personalized, positive, no judgment personal training studio for one-on-one personalized training. Founder and Owner Brady Worster, while leading personal training for a franchise gym, found that many of her clients were intimidated by the setting of working out in a gym. Gyms have lots of unnecessary equipment, judgemental eyes, and a canned experience. Brady knew you could be improved upon that experience.

With Fhysical Elements, you will have your private gym, and of course, nothing but positive and accountable vibes from your personal trainer, as you work your way to your healthiest you.

Brady Worster Fhysical Elements

Brady Worster

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist

Using bodyweight, free weights, bands, balls, and other modalities, Certified Personal Trainer Brady will get you into the kind of shape you are looking for, all while educating you, to ensure you succeed now and in the future!

Brady creates personalized workout and nutrition programs for weight-loss, including stretches, exercises, help with choosing the right foods, and keeps you accountable every step of the way. Her workouts are designed for you, with your goals in mind, and she will adjust your program as your health and mobility increases. No cookie-cutter programs here, this is true personalize training.

Brady's Health Story

Brady Worster’s passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle started in 2008. Before that, Brady found herself struggling to find happiness in her body and in life. She was overweight, unmotivated, and unhappy with her path. She knew that at 5’8” 230lbs and a size 22 she needed to make a change, not only for herself but for her family.

Brady started out simple, eating healthier and working out on a regular basis. She dedicated herself to the hard work and discipline of getting healthy, and her dedication started to pay off. Her journey to a healthier life helped her to lose more than 90 lbs, getting her down to a size 4. While losing the weight, getting healthier and stronger and seeing her life improve, she understood how her journey could inspire others to get healthy too. She knew that her calling was to become a personal trainer to inspire others.

Brady achieved her certifications as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist and worked her way through the ranks to become the lead trainer at a local franchise gym, and was recognized nationally for her efforts. After helping hundreds o of clients achieve their health goals, it was Brady's turn to improve herself again by opening her own Personal Training Studio, Fhysical Elements, in downtown Steamboat Springs in 2016.

Like many other businesses during 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic forced gyms and personal training studios to find new ways to connect with clients. Brady quickly adjusted her business model, to begin helping all of her client's virtually. Her clients began to see that they could be motivated to workout at home, and maintain the accountability of having a trainer help them to stay motivated, continue to have meaningful conversations about health and happiness, all while helping her clients improve their health through coaching.


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