How does pricing work?

"In person" and "Virtual-In person" training pricing depends on how many sessions you purchase in a package. Starting at $55 a half-hour for 1 session, and going down per session if you purchase more. Email me for more information and current pricing. 4,8,12,24,36,or 48 session packages available.
Online only Personal training is a set price for 3 months of training.

What is the physical location of Fhysical Elements?

In the heart of Steamboat Springs, CO, on 9th street, you will find the in-person training studio known as Fhysical Elements. The physical location when you are doing Virtual In-Person training, is wherever YOU are located! In your home, your back yard, your hotel room, or wherever you have cell service.

What should I expect at a fitness assessment?

The initial fitness assessment for in person training, is a 1 hour appointment. During this hour we will discuss any and all health history, and your goals. We will take before pictures and do measurements and body fat%. We will do a half hour workout to see where you are physically. We will get your first few session times put into the schedule and your payment schedule set up.

During an assessment for online personal training, you will have a video chat for your assessment, to speak to you about your health history, your goals with this program, your equipment available to you if you do not have a gym for your use. We will do a half-hour workout virtually to see where you are physically, then we will set up payment, and schedule your check-in workouts once a week. You will send a before pictures of yourself to your trainer, including Front, right-side, back, and left side, all standing. Have someone help you with your measurements (there will be a form sent to you just before your first assignment will be sent).

Can I train with Brady Worster even if I am in Steamboat or able to make it to the studio?

YES you can! Brady offers In-Person training in her studio, One-on-One Virtual trainings via video calls by phone, iPad, tablet, or computer connection. Anywhere you have cell service, or wifi, Brady can guide you towards your goals!