Baby & Me personal training sessions will have a mother or father and an infant age 1 month to 12 months, and consist of a half hour or an hour of training.   This is a great way to workout with your infant and both reap the benefits.  Mothers and fathers will learn how to use the baby as the weight for lifting, ways to incorporate the infant in ways that physically benefit the parent and psychologically enhance the child with attention from the parent.   Each session will consist of one of, or a combination of the following modalities:  Body weight exercises (calisthenics), weightlifting (with baby as weight), cardiovascular, stretching, core work, balance, and agility to help clients reach their goals.  These sessions will be geared individually for the parent and will also keep in mind that children are not always the most cooperative, and will work with the mood of the child in mind.   Each client will receive a copy of each workout, via email or text message, along with photos of the exercises (if necessary) to help remember proper form and be able to practice the workouts on their own with the baby at home!

Cost of Baby & Me sessions are the same as 1-on-1 private sessions

Cost is determined by the need of the client and the number of sessions purchased.

Half-hour and Hour-long sessions available.