Small Group personal training sessions will have 2-4 clients in the session and consist of a half hour or an hour of training. All of the people in the small group will know each other, as they will all sign up together.  This is a great way to workout with family, friends, and colleagues, without the stress of working out in a class with people you don’t know. Each session will consist of one of, or a combination of the following modalities:  Body weight exercises (calisthenics), weightlifting, cardiovascular, stretching, core work, balance, and agility to help clients reach their goals. These sessions will be geared individually for each client, depending on the physical limitations and goals of each person in class. You will receive a copy of each workout, via email or text message, along with photos of the exercises (if necessary) to help remember proper form and be able to practice the workouts on their own. Most of the exercises can be duplicated with or without weights at home to help the client move forward between sessions with the trainer.