A beginners guide to working out at home

A Beginner’s Guide to Working Out at Home

Whether you are someone who is just starting their fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, having an exercise routine is becoming an essential part of today’s healthy lifestyle. One needs to stay healthy to keep up with the increasingly demanding day to day schedules. With all the information available online, it is unsafe to take up any extreme exercises due to a lack of education in the area. You might end up taxing your muscles and making your body even weaker. Whether you want to develop an individualized program to support your fitness goals, get in shape, or simply feel like you will benefit from the additional accountability, a personal trainer would be a great resource in your fitness journey.

This guide aims to give you the basics of working out from home, even if you have never worked out before. It shows you how to add exercise into your daily life and use everyday household items as weights. The experts at Fhysical Elements will get you into the kind of shape you are looking for, all while educating you to ensure you succeed now and in the future! Certified personal trainer Brady Worster has put together this Beginner’s Guide to working out at home to inspire others to get into the fitness lifestyle with ease.

Getting Started

Seek professional help

If you have never worked out in a gym, or have no idea where to start, hiring an experienced personal trainer is a smart first move. They are trained in teaching others how to exercise. They will sit down with you, discuss your goals, and will accordingly set up a routine and diet plan for you based on your goals and y.

Follow a set routine

Take a few moments here and there throughout your day to complete the number of repetitions and sets of exercises you and your personal trainer have agreed upon. Thirty seconds of a plank here, a minute wall sit there, two or three minutes of push-ups and crunches over there, it all adds up and gets you moving in different ways than your body is used to.

Next Steps

Arrange equipment

You don’t need a bunch of fancy machines to get started. You can simply hit your pantry. That’s right the pantry!

You will need two cans of food (preferably the same size), a step or staircase (not an absolute necessity), a countertop, and your body weight. You can use the cans of food as weights for your arms. Do things like punches for a minute with them in your hands. Do bicep curls, or just hold them while you go on a walk. The biggest thing to remember is to just keep moving. Don’t give in to the urge to just sit. Just KEEP MOVING!

When you are ready to step up the weight, we have a few suggested equipment items for at-home personal training.

Avoid overdoing it

If you are not used to working out, I suggest you take it slow to start, so you can listen to what your body says in the day following the initial addition of exercising. Start by doing ten push-ups with your hands on your kitchen counter, in the morning and before you go to bed. Then when you feel good doing that, increase it to fifteen push-ups at a time, or add another time throughout the day to achieve another set. DO NOT start off thinking that you will be able to do three sets of twenty-five push-ups on your first day and not feel it for a day or two to follow. This is something that sometimes will discourage you from wanting to continue, so beware. One of the most important things for you to remember is to listen to your body. If something hurts, don’t do it.

Remember to hydrate

Water is an essential element of life and goes hand in hand with exercise. Try to drink at least 50% of your body weight in ounces of water a day ( ex. 200 lbs= 100 oz of water a day). Increase your water intake by 8 oz for every fifteen minutes of sweat, be it from working out or a hot day. If you are not adequately hydrated, your body will not perform at its highest level.

Advice From The Pros

Believe in yourself and be patient

As a professional personal trainer with ten years of experience, the best advice I can give you is to never give up on yourself. Deciding to work out for the first time is a big step and one that will challenge you. It will challenge you to believe in yourself, view yourself differently, be patient, and trust in the process. A personal trainer can help you navigate this and guide you in finding the right path for you.

As the best certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist in Colorado, Brady ensures that she exceeds expectations and always put you first. With her guidance and meticulous level of care, we have been able to create a business that stands apart from our competitors. We are dedicated to each client and want to help them reach their full potential. Additionally, we help by creating personalized online training programs for weight-loss, including stretches and the right foods.