why you should not DIY weight lifting by watching others at the gym

Why You Should Not DIY Weight Lifting by Watching Others at the Gym

According to fitness experts, weight lifting is a promising form of exercise. Besides helping people define their muscles, it also improves their posture, helps them sleep better, speed up weight loss, boost their metabolism, keep diseases at bay, and build a positive mindset. However, as weight training is a challenging physical activity, you need to understand how it’s done to avoid injuries.

Usually, fitness trainers are the best source of guidance when it comes to weight lifting. But, as their services come with additional costs, many gym-goers prefer teaching themselves to lift weights by watching others at the gym. If you were thinking about doing the same, you might want to reconsider. Weight training without the proper knowledge and support can lead to some severe physical and financial challenges. To show you just how bad things can get, Fhysical Elements Training has explained why you should not DIY weight lifting by watching others at the gym.

1. You may be learning the improper moves

The type of people exercising at the gym have varying levels of expertise. Also, just because someone looks muscular and is capable of lifting weights, doesn’t mean that they are doing it right. As a result, the people you’re watching may be lifting with improper form, which can actually cause more damage than help for the body.

2. You could incur significant financial implications

If you hurt yourself while working out, it could take you out of work and cause long-term challenges for your body. That means you could suffer from significant financial and physical problems (like hospital bills, lack of income, and disability).

3. Loss of quality of life due to injuries and disabilities

Lifting weights is no child’s play and must be approached with caution and the right form and support. If not, it can lead to injuries like broken bones, torn muscles, damage to the spine, or other muscular and skeletal injuries. To fix these issues, you may require extensive surgeries and physical therapy. In some cases, you may be able to get back to normal, but if your injuries are complicated and severe, you may suffer from long-term damage, and lose out on the quality of life.

Do things right – Hire a professional

When it comes to lifting weights, you must either have an experienced professional to guide you or possess the correct knowledge and training in form for lifting and exercising, specifically for your body type and goals. A personal physical trainer can teach you how to do this properly. They are educated on how your muscles are supposed to work during various exercises. They are aware of the proper form for different fitness workouts. And, they can assist and guide you with proper weight training and the best exercises for your goals.

Personal trainers are required to possess certification in their profession. They must also have CPR and first-aid training and take up continued education to keep you up to date on trends and new regulations in the fitness industry. That way, they can minimize injury and help you to acquire your physique and strength goals easily.

One of the best ways to find a suitable physical trainer is to take note of their experience and determine their areas of expertise. If they are experienced in helping others reach similar goals as yours, i.e., weight loss, weightlifting, calisthenics, stretching, etc., you can sign up for their services. But if they don’t offer what you’re looking for, you’ll need to keep looking for someone who will.

When you choose to work with a professional trainer, you’ll need to pay a fee in addition to your gym membership to acquire the services of a trainer. The rates usually vary from trainer to trainer. They also change depending on your session length, and if it’s in your home, a big box gym, or a private studio.

While initially, it may appear expensive to hire a trainer, you’ll be happy to know that this minor investment will ensure that you acquire your goals and don’t suffer from injuries. That means in the long run, hiring the services of a professional will enable you to save money.

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